How Do I Submit My Video?

As you may have guessed, there are several ways to submit your video.

  • By mailing your file(s) on a SD card, USB Drive or DVD to 158 Front Royal Pike, Suite #307. Winchester, VA  22602
  • You may also deliver your content in person during weekday business hours at 158 Front Royal Pike, Suite #307, Winchester, VA  22602.
  • By invitation to upload to our Dropbox FTP site.  Send your invitation request to:
  • By inviting us to download from your file sharing server by sending instructions to

What is Ready-to-Air?

A “ready-to-air spot” references a completely edited spot, formatted to 60 seconds that you or your team has prepared and delivered to us.

Don’t worry – if you don’t have the ability to prepare a ready-to-air spot, we can help.  Here are a couple of scenarios:

  • You shoot, we edit.  If you shoot the video(s), but do not have the necessary hardware/software to do the editing, we can put together a spot with basic graphics and transitions for as little as $35.
  • We shoot and edit.  Our team is available for a video taping session at your facility.  We can come out with lights, up to two cameras and up to two microphones and do a simple spot for you for as little as $150.  Pricing variables include travel time/distance, weekday, evening or weekend, etc.  Don’t forget – the 50 broadcast air times are at no additional charge and you own the finished video for use on YouTube and other social media.