How Do I Submit My Video?

As you may have guessed, there are several ways to submit your video.

  • By mailing your file(s) on a SD card, USB Drive or DVD to 158 Front Royal Pike, Suite #307. Winchester, VA  22602
  • You may also deliver your content in person during weekday business hours at 158 Front Royal Pike, Suite #307, Winchester, VA  22602.
  • By invitation to upload to our Dropbox FTP site.  Send your invitation request to:
  • By inviting us to download from your file sharing server by sending instructions to

What is Ready-to-Air?

A “ready-to-air spot” references a completely edited spot, formatted to 60 seconds that you or your team has prepared and delivered to us.

Don’t worry – if you don’t have the ability to prepare a ready-to-air spot, we can help.  Here are a couple of scenarios:

  • You shoot, we edit.  If you shoot the video(s), but do not have the necessary hardware/software to do the editing, we can put together a spot with basic graphics and transitions for as little as $35.
  • We shoot and edit.  Our team is available for a video taping session at your facility.  We can come out with lights, up to two cameras and up to two microphones and do a simple spot for you for as little as $150.  Pricing variables include travel time/distance, weekday, evening or weekend, etc.  Don’t forget – the 50 broadcast air times are at no additional charge and you own the finished video for use on YouTube and other social media.

Did Someone Say, “It’s Free!”?

Yes, someone said, “It’s Free!”  WAZT/Faith Television Network will broadcast your ready-to-air(?) 60-second Love My Church spot FREE.  Here is the schedule you will receive:

Your 1st month – 10 Free

Your 2nd month – 10 Free

3rd – 6th month – 5 Free

That’s 50 broadcasts of your spot for FREE!

After 6 months or at any time, if you would like to purchase more air times, here are the rates:

< 10 – $7 each

11+ – $6 each

20+ – $5 each

More info coming soon!

Ever Wonder?

Ever wonder how new families in your community learn about area churches?

Most do on-line research.  Since video increases the likelihood of showing up in near the top of search responses, churches should take advantage of cost effective outreach through I Love My Church videos.

The Faith Television Network serves communities in the Shenandoah Valley, Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.  Now you can spread the word, not only on your church website and social media, but on TV.  We’re working out the details, but know this – We’re in this to get your church noticed by new families in your area and long-time residents who are seeking answers about who God is and just how much He loves them.

Stay tuned for more details about sharing your I Love My Church message on The Faith Television Network and reach out to an area with more than 4.7 million residents.